Attendance tracking, on the go.

Ninety9's employee time tracking system enables you to see real time your workforce while you are on a business trip or having your morning coffee. Attending, late, overtime work & in depth time reports for specific periods.

All cloud based, you don't need to worry about servers.

QR Code


Sophisticated algorithms and calculations are a big part of this system.

We know how important finances are for companies, this is why we had to come up with an inexpensive solution to achieve our goal.

Progressive Web App & Selfie camera as a QR Code Scanner was the most cost-efficient and convenient way.

Cloud based, maintained and secured.

Features, worth mentioning.

Cloud based

You don't have to worry about server uptime, management or maintenance. Our system is fully cloud based which means it can provide accesses via login credentials from anywhere.

Real time monitoring

Easily check your employees attendance & business work force. In depth daily report table with who was late and has worked overtime, even if you are thousands of kilometers away.

With love to HRs

Generate employee worktime reports by specific date or by whole periods, integrated automatic calculator for his netto pay based on his work hours or days & options to print.

Edit everything

Add, remove, edit - check ins & outs or employees, you name it! A built in tool to edit an existing check-in, employee name or simply add a check-in if he forgot to.

Overtime monitoring

After you've set up the overtime hour start from the settings, the system will automatically highlight in green color the employee/s which worked overtime on the reports page.

Integrated QR Cards Generator

When adding an employee, we have simplified the process of generating the QR Card he will use automatically, fill in his name and ID, click download card and print it!

Full absence management

Vacation, sick, unemployment, everything is manageable! Vacation days counter with a limit based on your input, absence data is visible on the reports page for monitoring!

System setting tweaks

Give it info and see the magic.. Business work hours such as when it starts and when it ends, based on this information it will generate charts & reports accurate to milliseconds!


Problem solving

Imagine tracking the attendance of 20-30+ employees with a pen and paper on a daily basis..

Accurate attendance tracking, calculating payrolls, arguments with employees, these are couple of issues occuring every month, wasting your precious time.

Easily generate reports, eliminate mistakes & calculate payrolls with a couple of clicks, all automatically.

A step by step process on how it works

For you, the business owner.

Working hours

First step is to setup your business working hours from the admin panel so it knows how to manage the data, this will allow the system to calculate and generate reports accurately.

Create employees

Now is time to add your employees to the database via the admin panel, add their names and unique IDs for each one, based on their ID a QR code will be generated and cards have to be printed.


A tablet running Android operating system is more than enough, good selfie camera is required for it to scan the QR codes of your employees.

For your employees.


The tablet/scanner would be placed near the entrance of the work facility with Ninety9's QR Scanning app always open. A stable wireless internet connection and power is required.


When the employee enters or leaves the work facility, he simply shows his QR card to the scanner and gets a response message with his check-in date and time.


If your employee loses or forgets his QR card or camera stops working, there is a manual PIN entrance, the PIN is the employees ID, entering it manually he checks-in without any issue.




Up to 50 employees:
5€ per employee

More than 50 employees:
4€ per employee

One time payment

Unlimited amount of employees - 4 499 €
+ 20 € per month ( servers )

Contact for one time payment

We take security seriously, all passwords are hashed.

Friendly support, willing to help and explain in details.

99% Server system uptime satisfying your business needs.



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